Australian Adventures

May 2019


My husband and I made the decision to extend our Australian Honeymoon into a Working Holiday Visa for a year. You only live once, right?


We are currently settled in Queensland and I am working for an agency called Guerrilla as their Experience Lead. This role sees me bring my expertise in user research and experience to their team – their overall service offering is around customer and user experience from a marketing perspective. I’m excited to be involved in clients such as the BBC, Gold Coast (and Queensland) Airports, Daifuku, and Mirvac to name a few.  

I chose to remain registered self employed in the UK for a few reasons, however this also allows me to continue provide freelance services to my existing clients thanks to my temporary visa status.

One of the perks of the huge difference has been client communications and turn around times. After finishing work here I have the evening to check and respond to emails, complete tasks for clients and generally service my clients in an ‘overnight’ fashion.

So, although you may already know about this update, please don’t hesitate to get in touch about your project.

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