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May 2018 |


Understanding human behaviour is vital when planning your next product or service. Botany conduct original research to help inform the design process, improve customers’ experiences and move your organisation forward.


Whilst working at Whitespace, I was fortunate enough to work alongside some fantastic, knowledgable people. My Whitespace journey came to an end on the last working day of the year in 2017 and I took some time to really evaluate life and the direction of my career. I'm a great believer of doing the right set up and then things will fall into place, and in April 2018 that began to happen.

Duncan and I worked together as Digital Media Producers at Whitespace and therefore he was aware of my skill set - it's often hard to define your skills as a digital media producer/ux designer/user experience specialist! At the end of 2017, Duncan set up Botany Studio so that he could continue to provide digital development with users in mind, hoping to steer projects underpinned by extensive user research.

I began working with Duncan at Botany as a Design Manager in May 2018. We are located within the old printworks on Constitution Street in Leith which has been converted into shared studio space. We're grateful to be in a collaborative environment, filled with other creative small businesses and great people.

In a relatively short period of time, we have been involved in some large projects for notable clients. At Botany I am the integral link between client, designer and developer. As a user experience professional, my involvement in projects has included card sorting tasks, tree-testing, service design, wireframing, first-click testing, both remote and in-person user testing, evaluation of results and subsequent reporting thereafter.

A more recent project at Botany has been working with a large pension administrator providing service design and other user research/testing in the first stages of their website redevelopment. They provide pensions to a number of public sector organisations, each which have their own rules and regulations as well as their own management teams. Our goal was to not only simplify the journey for users to find the information they required quicker, but to also evaluate and streamline their internal customer service experience when users contacted the company directly.

We are also involved in an on going project for a worldwide whisky brand providing them with a framework to reproduce a number of websites across all of the brands they own. This project has seen working closely with our developers to produce a bespoke customisation module, built within Craft CMS, that can be adapted to suit a range of brands.

In Summer of 2018, we were also lucky enough to be involved in creating an interactive experience for a large bank in the USA. More updates on that one to come in 2019 hopefully!

Botany are currently offering free-click testing studies for your business - if you're interested, please get in touch by emailing and we'll get right back to you.