Dachshunds in Edinburgh – a growing community


From the day I was born, there were Dachshunds in my life. My parents had three miniature smooth Dachshunds when I was born - Bertie, Daisy and Millie. For the first decade of my life Daisy and Sophie (Golden Retriever) lived with us until they passed away of old age in about 1997.


Fast forward just over 15 years to 2013 when my father in law passed away quite suddenly, this left my mother in law living on her own for the first time in over 30 years. My husband and I started to encourage her to get a companion and in September 2014, we welcomed a gorgeous miniature smooth, black and tan boy to the family. Frankie was predominantly going to live with my mother in law as her companion, with my husband and I looking after him at weekends and any other time required.


We set out on the hunt of puppy groups to socialise him and my husband found a small Facebook group who met every now and again in a bathroom shop in Stockbridge - I believe there was a group of around 10 who were friends with a mutual love of Daxies! After waiting a while for a meetup that never happened, the owner of the group on Facebook contacted me to say that they wouldn't be continuing with the page.

In Early 2016 I took over sole management of the Facebook group with a couple of hundred members, leading my first walk in May 2016 at Roslin Glen, Midlothian where 15 people turned up.

Since then, I have organised a walk every month of the year (taking a break in Januarys) in and around Edinburgh. With regularly updating the Facebook page, photographing our walks, creating a social media strategy around features, our numbers grew rapidly. by 2017 we had around 50 people and their dogs coming along to walks all around the Lothians and I was getting great feedback from people who enjoyed not only the organised approach but enjoyed meeting the same people and new people too, every month.

I must admit that it became second nature to me to approach Dachshunds and their owners when out and ask them if they had heard of our walks - and it not, invite them along! Word spread fast and in May 2017 we were featured by STV news who attended and filmed our walk at Cramond.


Every Summer we hold a picnic at Vogrie Park, every Halloween we have a Halloweenie walk where owners can dress up their dogs if they wish and we have a Christmas jumper walk in Decembers too.

As I write this entry in January 2019, our Facebook page community has grown by a huge 1150%! I've used the wide audience I've accumulated to raise money for charity too. During our Halloweenie walk in 2017, we collected £220 in donations for the RED Dachshund Rescue who specialise in emergency rescue for dachshunds around the UK. In July 2018, I also assisted with the organisation and promotion of a Dachshund Fun Day which was held at Musselburgh Racecourse. This was a fantastic day volunteering and raising money for The Scottish Dachshund Rescue and the day was again featured by STV news.


Our walk attendee numbers usually range from around 40-100 dogs each month (sometimes around 300 people) - which is a rather large responsibility! I've enlisted an additional volunteer for help in 2019 as our numbers continue to grow. I plan to have at least one walk this year which again raises funds for a local charity directly related to our breed.

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