Destination Management Scotland

29th December 2018 |


Founded in 2012 by Terri Bryce, Destination Management Scotland combines invaluable experience, industry contacts, meticulous own attention to detail, to create memorable trips that cater to almost any kind of intention. With over two decades of experience in travel, marketing, and events, Terri truly understands the difference between a ‘nice’ trip and one that is truly unforgettable.


Terri contacted me in late 2018 needing some further assistance with her branding. After a brief chat on the phone she was able to supply me with her existing logo development and an idea of her style via a very inspirational, geometric Pinterest board.

In order to stand out from her competitors, Terri proposed a few key bullet points which formed the basis for her branding brief. Destination Management Scotland is a long name and is often shortened to DM Scotland or DMS. The new logo was to include an icon and clean typography which could be transformed and used with each iteration of the business name. With the majority of her clients being male, the logo had to appear strong and attractive, using the existing dark teal colour - it went without saying that anything typically Scottish was to be avoided!

Having considered Terri's brief, I set out on my own market research journey to find similar companies before producing the first round of logo options.


After the initial round of designs, we proceeded to look at more abstract geometric shapes. I focussed my research on geometry and shapes - working these into the symbolic roots of DMS.

The final logo uses a map pin dropper to anchor that location-type business, with a geometric twist. The idea of the intertwined pins is to show how Terri integrates herself into her client's trips - but in a subtle manner.

“I had a logo for the past 6 years and it was seriously out of date and in need of a magic wand! Sarah ‘got’ my brief straight away, came up with several ideas, explained the reasoning behind her designs and everything was professionally presented showing examples of how it would look in print and other social channels. Great timescales and very reasonably priced too.”
Terri Bryce - Founder, Destination Management Scotland