Squarespace Circle Member

August 2019


For a while now I’ve been waiting to announce this, I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long to post about it.


I guess I was waiting to really see if I was onboard with Squarespace and it’s product offering, and if I was ready to pigeonhole myself into being associated with one brand for web development given my client base and their needs.

So, without further ado, I’m proud to announce that I am a Squarespace Circle Member! …and I can now display this badge on my website.


That’s great, isn’t it? Great if you know what it is… and why it matters to you and your website or business.

Squarespace is a platform used to build websites which allows designers and basic developers like me to create a bespoke website for you, which you can also edit and update yourself once I’m done. It is perfect for small and medium sized businesses – whether you’re a startup or an established brand looking to redevelop your web presence.

What is the Squarespace Circle?

Squarespace Circle “is a program designed to support, inspire, and engage the community of creatives, developers, and designers who use Squarespace to build beautiful websites for themselves and their clients”.

What does me being a Circle Member, mean for me?

Being a Squarespace Circle member means I get access to unique perks, expert insights, and optimised support.

What does me being a Circle Member, mean for you?

As a client or potential client if you work with a Squarespace Circle member (like me) you too will receive perks!


20% discount

I can offer you 20% off the first year of Website or Online Store annual plans, making it a little more affordable for you and your business when you are first starting out.



I am constantly striving to improve my process, my skills and my service offering to provide all clients with the best options for them. Being a member means I am able to learn quicker with in-depth guides, regular product release notes, and other special materials for Circle members exclusively.

Extended trial period

On any new website, as a Squarespace Circle member, I am entitled to a 6 month trial period, meaning if I build your website, we have a longer time period to get everything the way you want it – look and feel, the style, the content, before we go live! This is a marked difference between the pressured 2 week trial period you get as a non-member.


Other experts around me

Being a member of Squarespace’s Circle means I am part of a community, which is handy for those times where I am asked something I don’t have the answer to, or where I am asked to implement a feature I’ve never done before. The Circle forum gives peer-to-peer product support, tips and tricks, and I can get feedback on solutions. 

Better support for me, and you

Being a Circle member means I am recognised by Squarespace’s Customer Care Advisors as a more experienced user. This means that I get answers to my questions, and your questions, quicker. 


So now you know what Squarespace Circle is, and why it’s a benefit to me and to you! If you are in need of your first website, updates to your existing website or you’d like to redevelop your website using Squarespace, then please do get in touch. I love being able to help small businesses owners achieve their goals in a cost effective manner – and create longstanding relationships as their brand grows. You have absolutely no obligation to proceed!