Studio B for Clydesdale Yorkshire Bank

Employer: Whitespace | Role: Lead UX Designer | Scottish Creative Award Winner 2017


Whilst working at Whitespace, we were tasked to create an interactive point of sale for a new flagship store on Kensington High Street in London.


Objectives & Goals
Studio B tasked Whitespace, in partnership with Four by Two, to create an interactive point of sale for their new flagship store on Kensington High Street in London. The final product needed to communicate Studio B's fresh and innovative approach to banking, while encouraging visitors to test their skills with a fun bit of technology!

To help excite, engage and immerse customers in Studio B's values, we created an interactive touch table from the screen which allowed people to use the 'B' of the logo to play a game where they had to pot points while learning about the banking features. Users were directed to explore the studio around them to learn more about the future of banking.

As a team, we had lots of iterations in various sketches of potential routes and games we could explore. The lovely sketches below from the designer highlight the details we discussed and show where we've discarded ideas which didn't work and where we've carried useful game mechanics to the final product.


The objective of the game is to catch the falling pinballs, which were representative money, into the savings pot at the bottom of the screen. Throughout the game there are obstacles and hidden costs trying to prevent you from moving the money into the pot.

Using motion sensors within the table's screen, as well as a series of physical objects, players are required to move physical objects over the screen to direct the digital pinball to the goal. In effect, they bounced the digital pinball off solid bumpers lying on top of the table.

A simple tutorial was created to help players understand the mechanics of the game and delivered Studio B's messaging more directly. Final scores were placed on a leaderboard which conveyed a retro arcade feel inside a state of the art touch screen.


My actions
Working with a designer and C++ developer, my job was to create the full mechanics of the game. The rules, the stages during the game, the motion of the ball, the sounds associated with the game, the timing of the game, the scoring amongst many other elements too. I worked out the full user journey and considered user interaction at every point.

The development of this game took an obscure agile approach in that our team created basic iterations of the game each week and worked up those, refining as we progressed each week. As the table was not a mobile object, user testing took place in house with the immediate resources of fellow colleagues and clients who visited. It even became a lunch time competition for some! I filmed people playing the game to show reaction times, improve the motion of the pinball to make it feel more realistic, tweak the difficulty so that people were challenged and wanted to play again, and finally to ensure the instructions were clear enough for first time users too.


The final design utilised the new touchscreen technology perfectly and communicated the Studio B brand ethos in a bold and exciting way.

The Studio B Interactive Table won best Point of Sale at the Scottish Creative Awards 2017 and has been nominated for other awards too.

We were a relatively small, perfectly formed team working on this project with lots of great, creative minds. But, a special mention goes to the fabulous Chris Brodt (co-creator), and Charlie Hodara our talented developer.